How to Make Money Online

I’ve been working online for years now so I’m always asked how I make money. Although there’s a ton of info already on this topic… I figured it wouldn’t hurt to put my two cents in since I’ve done SO many things wrong. This post has been long overdue so here it goes…


Top ways to make money online (from what I know so far)…


#1. Build Niche Websites

Build websites around topics you’re interested in and then figure out how to 1) MONETIZE them (e.g. sell affiliate products, create your own products, create info products, etc.) and 2) Drive traffic that CONVERTS. Then, sit back and collect passive income on your sites or… sell them (that’s how you REALLY make money). FYI: Make sure you’re passionate about the sites you’re building. Otherwise you’ll give up fast and you’ll never make money (trust me I’ve been there).

What you’ll need:

  • Web Hosting –> here
  • Web & Logo Design –> here


#2. Start a Blog

You can either do formal blogging, micro blogging, or video blogging. Pick whichever YOU feel most comfortable with. But here’s my recommendation: build a site to host your content. Whether you’re on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram or Vine… you want a site… you need a site. Here’s why: You want to have your own asset you can someday dispose of = sell. P.S… If you’re looking to make money from a blog you must treat your blog like a business. Have a plan! How are you going to market your blog? How are you going to MAKE MONEY from your blog? What’s your business model? (So important!)

What you’ll need:

  • Web Hosting –> here
  • Web & Logo Design –> here


#3. Build an Ecommerce Store

Build an online store and sell products. You can sell physical products (like hats & scarves) or… you can sell digital products (like books & music). But first figure out the important stuff like… What are you going to sell? Does your product type convert online? Is it actively selling? What kind of profit margins are you looking at? How are you going to market your products? Are you making the products? Are you having someone else make the products? Do you need wholesalers, suppliers, dropshippers, manufacturers? Get all that stuff hashed out first then get those products up on that site and start selling!

What you’ll need:

  • Ecommerce Platform —> here
  • Drop Ship / Wholesale Directory –> here


#4. Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the best ways to make money since people actually READ their email. Start an email newsletter. Build email marketing campaigns on a regular basis and communicate with your following. You can sell your own products & services or … you can sell someone else’s products and services. The key here is consistency. You need to be consistent and you most importantly… you need to be authentic. 

What you’ll need:

  • Email Marketing Service —> here


#5. Take a course!

Don’t do what I did… don’t go at it alone. Take as many courses as you can so you can learn from people who already KNOW this stuff and can show you the RIGHT way to do it. Take a course on affiliate marketing, SEO, web design, selling, marketing business… the more the merrier. Get a mentor. Ask questions. Read books! The more you learn up front… the more time & money you’ll save yourself later and the happier you will be. Trust me. Please trust me…

  • Affiliate Marketing –> here



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