How to Clean Makeup Brushes

How to Clean & Wash Your Makeup Brushes at Home

how to clean makeup brushes how to wash makeup brushes at home

Dirty makeup brushes are the #1 cause of breakouts and blackheads. Fact: Using dirty makeup brushes on your face over and over again can (and will) eventually cause breakouts.

Here’s how to clean your makeup brushes properly….

#1 – Use a facial oil cleanser

Use a gentle, fragrance free oil cleanser a) designed for your face (not your hair) and b) designed to remove makeup (here)

#2 – Get inside the bristles

Saturate your brushes completely with the cleanser and gently massage it into the bristles. Make sure to open up the bristles to get to areas where powder and makeup collects the most.

#3 – Use warm water

Warm water kills bacteria on makeup brushes. Make sure it’s not too hot so that you don’t destroy the brushes.

#4 – Dry Makeup Brushes thoroughly

You don’t want black mold growing on your brushes. (Note: Mold will grow on wet or damp brushes). Either air dry your brushes completely laying flat on a paper towel or use a hair dryer on a low setting. Make sure you don’t apply too much heat on your brushes otherwise the bristles will get fried.

#5 – Store makeup brushes in an airtight container 

Don’t just throw brushes in a drawer where it can collect dust or bacteria. Instead use an airtight container.

#6 – Keep makeup brushes out of the Bathroom

The bathroom contains too much moisture from the toilet and the shower which causes mold to grow on the brushes. Store brushes in your bedroom instead.

#7 – Use an antibacterial spray 

Use an anti-bacterial spray designed for makeup brushes. Use in between washes. Or spray after every use. (here)