Here are some common questions I get on this video. Hopefully, it will help you, too!

Which hair dryer did you use in the video? 

I used a Professional Tourmaline Hair Dryer –>Here

Does the hair dryer come with a Diffuser? 

No, but you can buy one separately. Note: I definitely recommend using a diffuser if you want to dry hair with curls and lots of volume. –> Here

Have you tried the updated model of this hair dryer?

No, but I don’t like the specs so I wouldn’t even consider it.

What did you use to prep the hair before blow drying? 

A Silk Serum —->Here

Why do you recommend using a Sulfate Free Shampoo?

Lots of reasons: 1) It makes blow drying SO much faster and easier, 2) It prevents hair from getting frizzy long after blow drying, 3) It doesn’t dry out the hair and 4) It doesn’t strip hair color.

I also recommend using a shampoo with Keratin in it if you have really frizzy hair like mine.

Can you give us more tips on how to style curly hair? 

Absolutely! I’ll be happy to do some more videos as soon as I can.

Who’s the guy in the video? 

My BF ;)

When will you be making more videos? 

Soon. I’m currently working on other projects but I can’t wait to get behind the camera again.

When will your ebook be ready and what is it about?

The first one will be for women on beauty, style & dating. Subscribe to my email list to stay in the loop… Sign up here.

Have a question I didn’t answer?  I’d love to help! Email me here